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Title of Abstract: Introductory Lab Involves Students in Genomics Research
Author: Clare O'Connor

Title of Abstract: Huntington's as an Interdisciplinary Lab for Intro Biology
Author: Melissa Kosinski-Collins

Title of Abstract: Weaving a Conceptual Thread: A Cross-Curricular Approach
Author: Carol Maillet

Title of Abstract: Bio 211: Building a Studio, Active Learning Biology Course
Author: Anne Marie Bergen

Title of Abstract: CSUPERB: A System-Wide Biotech Community Promoting Change
Author: Susan Baxter

Title of Abstract: Issue Driven Learning (IDL) in a Non-Major Biology Course.
Author: Ulrike Muller

Title of Abstract: Improving Quantitative Skills of CSULA Life Science Majors
Author: Elizabeth Torres

Title of Abstract: Quantitative and Computational Skill in Biology Curriculum
Author: Denise Garcia

Title of Abstract: Aligning Introductory Biology Curricula to Vision and Change
Author: David Koetje

Title of Abstract: Undergraduates Developing Resources for Lost Crops of Africa
Author: Christopher Cullis

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