About V&C: Unpacking a Movement (2018)

AAAS is pleased to release a follow-up report for Vision & Change in Undergraduate Biology Education—Vision and Change: Unpacking a Movement and Sharing Lessons Learned. 

Vision and Change is the result of a movement within the biology education community, based on years of research and the compilation of best practices. The Call to Action in 2011 summarized the consensus of the biology education community to focus on depth vs. breadth, to provide opportunities for students to be practicing science and not just reading about it, and to emphasize methods of instruction that are inclusive of all students.

Those who are familiar with Vision and Change feel that it has been impactful, or at least has served as a useful means of legitimizing suggested changes in curriculum and teaching. Several other important groups based on the principles defined in Vision and Change have emerged, including PULSE and CourseSource. However, it is unclear just how deeply Vision and Change has penetrated the undergraduate biology community, if and how it’s made an impact on education reform, and if it’s possible (or necessary) to isolate and assess the impact of the Vision and Change initiative from the greater reform movement that produced it.

Unpacking a Movement summarizes a meeting of stakeholders held in July 2017 with the express purpose of laying the foundation for future research exploring questions of penetration and impact. It is our hope that with these suggestions, researchers may go forth and explore some of the hypotheses laid out by a diverse community of stakeholders. If we unpack a movement like Vision and Change, might that pave the way for similar movements and calls to action from other disciplines?

The Vision and Change: Unpacking a Movement and Sharing Lessons Learned meeting and report was orchestrated and prepared by Ann E. Austin (Michigan State University), with the assistance of AAAS Project Director Beth Ruedi. The meeting and report would not have been possible without the support of National Science Foundation Department of Undergraduate Education grant no. DUE- 1141449.

Download the report hereVision and Change: Unpacking a Movement and Sharing Lessons Learned [PDF format; report only available digitally]