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Title of Abstract: Preparing Faculty to Engage in Vision and Change
Author: Grant Gardner

Title of Abstract: New Tools for Learning about Biological Energy Transfer
Author: Ann Batiza

Title of Abstract: Learning Gains from Guided-Inquiry Labs with Bean Beetles
Author: Lawrence Blumer

Title of Abstract: Association for Biology Laboratory Education: A V&C Resource
Author: Lawrence Blumer

Title of Abstract: Learning Science by Writing: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Author: christine Hohmann

Title of Abstract: How Practicing Authentic Research Benefits Underclassmen
Author: Miriam Ferzli

Title of Abstract: Student-Centered Introductory Biology and Forestry at a HSI
Author: Sarah Corey-Rivas

Title of Abstract: Integrating Biology and Math Education at New Mexico State
Author: William Boecklen

Title of Abstract: Preparing the next Generation of Bioengineers
Author: Rebecca Reiss

Title of Abstract: PLTL and PLTLIS
Author: AE Dreyfuss

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