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Title of Abstract: NABT/SCST Vision & Change Implementers Network
Author: Stacey Kiser

Title of Abstract: Ambassadors for Curricular Change
Author: Gary Reiness

Title of Abstract: Interdisciplinary Science Workshop for Incoming Students
Author: Anne Kruchten

Title of Abstract: Fostering Student-Centered Inter-Investigator Collaborations
Author: Catherine Reinke

Title of Abstract: Student Engagement in a Flipped Course
Author: William Wischusen

Title of Abstract: Writing and Exam Corrections Improve Student Learning
Author: Thomas Eddinger

Title of Abstract: Innovations in Using Digital Approaches to Teach biology
Author: Graham Walker

Title of Abstract: Creating a Coherent Gateway for STEM Teaching and Learning
Author: Diane Ebert-May

Title of Abstract: Learning with Digital Evolution Software
Author: Robert Pennock

Title of Abstract: General Biology as Discovering the Story of Life
Author: Nancy Auer

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