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Title of Abstract: Bay View Alliance: Building Cultures of Teaching Improvement
Author: Whitney Schlegel

Title of Abstract: A Model for Emergent Change at Iowa State University
Author: Jo Anne Powell-Coffman

Title of Abstract: IUPUI Undergraduate STEM Laboratory Transformation

Title of Abstract: Visual Analytics in Biology Curriculum Network
Author: Raphael Isokpehi

Title of Abstract: Building Momentum for Change in a Biology Department
Author: Joanna Mott

Title of Abstract: Group Research: Experiment in Efficiency of Delivery
Author: Louise Temple

Title of Abstract: Integrating Research into the Freshman Experience
Author: Joel Schildbach

Title of Abstract: Active, Group, and Authentic Learning in Large Introductory
Author: Richard Shingles

Title of Abstract: Departmental Assessment to Examine Student Learning
Author: Loretta Brancaccio-Taras

Title of Abstract: BioSOLVE Brings Undergrad Research to a Small College
Author: Gail Rowe

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