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Title of Abstract: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Implementing Change
Author: Judy Awong-Taylor

Title of Abstract: Student-Centered Learning in Biology at Georgia Tech
Author: Jung Choi

Title of Abstract: Comparing Traditional and Module-Based Intro Biology Class
Author: Erin Morrey

Title of Abstract: Providing Context via Guided Inquiry and Service Learning
Author: Laura Regassa

Title of Abstract: Developing Scalable Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Author: Paul Ulrich

Title of Abstract: Biology Curriculum Redesigned Based on Vision & Change 2011
Author: Nancy Staub

Title of Abstract: Lecture Less in Large Enrollment Classes
Author: Hartmut Doebel

Title of Abstract: Science-based Entrepreneurship in Introductory Biology
Author: Brad Goodner

Title of Abstract: A National Perspective of CREATE in Scientific Curricula
Author: Kristy Kenyon

Title of Abstract: Impacts of Mentored Research Experiences in Freshman Biology
Author: Jeffrey Hill

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