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Title of Abstract: Research Experiences and Career Mentoring for Large Cohorts
Author: Jennifer Stanford

Title of Abstract: Using Novel Research on Community-Based Problems in Labs
Author: Nancy Trun

Title of Abstract: Aligning the Earlham Biology Major with V&C Recommendation
Author: Amy Mulnix

Title of Abstract: Building Communities, Leveraging Partnerships
Author: Teresa Mourad

Title of Abstract: Redefining Authentic Research in Introductory Biology
Author: Rachelle Spell

Title of Abstract: Systems Biology and Computer Modeling Across the Curriculum
Author: Pamela Pape-Lindstrom

Title of Abstract: Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative
Author: James Hewlett

Title of Abstract: Innovations in Statistics Courses for Biology Students
Author: Ramon Gomez

Title of Abstract: Ethnobiology Educational Network: A societal perspective
Author: Sunshine Brosi

Title of Abstract: Smithsonian-Mason Semester teaches conservation in practice
Author: James McNeil

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