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Title of Abstract: Peer-Led Team Learning in a Cell/Molecular Biology Course
Author: Kenneth Belanger

Title of Abstract: Writing-to-Learn to Increase Scientific Literacy Skills
Author: Meena Balgopal

Title of Abstract: Rocky Mountain Science and Sustainability Network Academy
Author: Gillian Bowser

Title of Abstract: Implementing V & C in Introductory Biology Using a New Text
Author: Chris Paradise

Title of Abstract: Implementing V&C with the HHMI National Genomics Initiative
Author: John Hatherill

Title of Abstract: Interventions Targeting Student Success in Freshman Biology
Author: Andrew Lloyd

Title of Abstract: 'SI-QEP-LAMP' Tripod strategy- DU's blueprint to the future.
Author: Julie Basu Ray

Title of Abstract: A 15 Year Curriculum Wide Program Change
Author: Brad Elder

Title of Abstract: Curriculum Alignment with V&C Concepts and Competenecies
Author: Kate Marley

Title of Abstract: Faculty Learning Communities for Mentoring Biology Faculty
Author: Shivanthi Anandan

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