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Title of Abstract: Biology Curriculum Change through Use of Civic Engagement
Author: Joseph Koonce

Title of Abstract: Vision & Change: A Framework for Introductory Biology Re-Des
Author: Juville Dario-Becker

Title of Abstract: Community-Based Inquiry Improves Critical Thinking in STEM
Author: Ian Quitadamo

Title of Abstract: Stratifying Concepts/Competencies in the Biology Program
Author: Joyce Hardy

Title of Abstract: Bio-Link Aligns With Vision and Change Recommendations
Author: Elaine Johnson

Title of Abstract: Primary Literature for First-Year Students: Adapting CREATE
Author: Sally Hoskins

Title of Abstract: The Development of Integrated Introductory Science Courses
Author: David Hansen

Title of Abstract: Ciliate Genomics Consortium: Teaching-Research Integration
Author: Emily Wiley

Title of Abstract: Microbiology Major Curriculum Innovations
Author: Tamara McNealy

Title of Abstract: DNA Barcoding: Scalable Infrastructure for Student Research
Author: David Micklos

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