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Title of Abstract: Teaching-Research Integration in an Ecological Curriculum
Author: Tadashi Fukami

Title of Abstract: A Large Lab Course That Delivers Genuine Research Experience
Author: Martha Cyert

Title of Abstract: Learning to Learn
Author: John Moore

Title of Abstract: Early Intervention: Increasing ‘at Risk’ Student Success
Author: Jacqueline Tanaka

Title of Abstract: Designing a Student-Centered Integrated Biology Major Course
Author: Caroline Breitenberger

Title of Abstract: Ongoing, Developmentally-Appropriate TA (future faculty) PD
Author: Judy Ridgway

Title of Abstract: Teaching through Research: the Freshman Research Initiative
Author: Sarah Simmons

Title of Abstract: Peer-Led Success Strategy in Large Enrollment Intro Courses
Author: James Becvar

Title of Abstract: Rethinking Undergraduate Anatomy Education
Author: Elizabeth Spudich

Title of Abstract: Student Success in Integrative Introductory Biology
Author: Michele Johnson

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