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Title of Abstract: Cascading Curriculum Changes from Course to Institute-Level
Author: George Plopper

Title of Abstract: Toward Student-Centered Active Learning at Rice (SCAL@R)
Author: Beth Beason-Abmayr

Title of Abstract: Transforming Rutgers: Large (n>2100) General Biology Course
Author: Gregg Transue

Title of Abstract: Microbes, Metagenomes and Marine Mammals: Enabling the Next
Author: elizabeth dinsdale

Title of Abstract: Biomath at SDSU: Leveraging Undergraduate Research
Author: Anca Segall

Title of Abstract: Assessing Scientific Literacy in General Education Courses
Author: Kathy Williams

Title of Abstract: Inquire: An Intelligent Textbook for Biology
Author: Vinay Chaudhri

Title of Abstract: Connect Classroom Learning with Real World Applications
Author: Xiao-Ning Zhang

Title of Abstract: Effective Instruction & Authentic Research in Biology
Author: Carrie Dollar

Title of Abstract: Once Weekly Structured Group Work Narrows Achievement Gap
Author: Samantha Elliott

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