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Title of Abstract: Making Small Changes to Big Courses
Author: Lori Kayes

Title of Abstract: Investigative Learning in an Introductory Biology Curriculum
Author: Nitya Jacob

Title of Abstract: Assessing a Year-Long, Research Lab in a Core Biology Course
Author: Marcy Kelly

Title of Abstract: Vision and Change in a Reformed Biology Curriculum
Author: Richard Cyr

Title of Abstract: Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum
Author: Sarah Ades

Title of Abstract: Promoting Scientific Reasoning about Matter & Energy
Author: April Maskiewicz

Title of Abstract: Integrating Statistics into the Life Sciences Curriculum
Author: Edward Bartlett

Title of Abstract: Research-based introductory biology laboratory courses
Author: Stephanie Gardner

Title of Abstract: Informed Learning Practices in Biology Using Peer Leaders
Author: Nancy Pelaez

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